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The following names are listed in
loving memory of our deceased members:

Kayla D. Baker
Jerry Chambers
Ruth Chambers
Rev. J. P. Dawson
Roy Guy
Howard Hamilton
Norma Hamilton
Bud Hannaway
Rev. Kenneth E. (Buddy) Hawkins
Hans Helton

Bud Horne
Francis C.(Frank) Jackson
Melvin Jacobs
Joan Josey
Lucilla S. Kirby
Dorothy Leblanc
Larry Leblanc
June Mathis
Helen Napier
Dan Raburn
Harlan Robinson
Julian Skeetoe
Alma Smith
James L. (Red) Smith
Wistalone Spires
Buford Stewart
Robert Waters
Ruth Westberry
Ann Wilson
Gene Vickers


I often wonder about life beyond
To see through the clouds and earthly bonds
When you hold out your hand and finally say
I'm ready to go to my eternal stay .

To walk into the brightest light of your knowing
To walk to the peace and love that is glowing
To see the beauty you've always known there
The beauty you've questioned in times of Despair .

Everything you've ever wondered about
Answers to questions with no more doubt
No more pain, sadness or fears
No more hurt, anguish or tears.

Oh what a wonderful place it will be
Our time will come and then we'll all see.
The beauty of the skies above
The beauty of our God and his Love ....

Charlene Hensel

Those of us who have worked through our grief - and found there is a future - are the ones who must meet others in the valley of darkness and bring them to the light.

--Reverend Simon E. Stephens

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